Name: Premier Forefront Sdn. Bhd. (521179-D)
Established: July 2000 Founder: Mr. Liew Choon Fatt
Land Area: 39000 square feet Building Area: 30000 square feet
Address: 7, 9, 11 Jalan Pala 8,
Imperial Industrial Park,
Permatang Tinggi
11400 Penang,
Specialization: Injection Molded Plastic Products Quality System: ISO9001:2000 (since 2004)

The principal business of the company is plastic injection moulding for applications:
Our Company is committed to be recognized as a leading plastic product supplier. To be a leading solutions provider, achieving Total Customer Satisfaction through:

Meeting Customerís Standards & Expectation

Improving productivity, quality and technology

Discipline and Integrity

Established in year 2000, Premier Forefront started with only 2 unit of 80 tonnes Toshiba injection moulding machine. Employees number is less than 8 persons in a 13,000 square feet roof mainly producing household plastic products. Lots of increment have been done since then, thanks to our loyal customers, in 2001 machines have increased to 4 units, 2002 6 units, 2003 8 units, 2004 9 units, 2005 10 units, 2006 11 units and 2007 12 units ranging from 80 tonnes to 650 tonnes of clamping force. Factory has been broadened, in 2004, size is already double up and in 2007 triple the size. Employees number in beginning of 2008, is more than 45 people. During these years, product range is slowly shifting, from household products to automotive, industrial and engineering parts. Since mostly all projects require new tooling fabrication, we have successfully setup a tooling workshop (joint venture) in 2004 to upgrade our services and at the same year we obtained ISO9001:2000 quality standards. During these debut years since 2000, our technical know-how have been much more realized and the hardship & dedication of our people have shaped them into maturity. Together, they have been enabling us to stay survive on the competition.

With ISO9001 documentation, tooling workshop and increasing machines & facilities, we are looking forward to setup a close-up air-conditioned control room to further improve our product process quality to stay on competitive and to meet new customerís requirement in near future especially for medical, fabrication and electronic parts where quality and cleanliness is crucial. We shall have what it takes to meet and cater to customerís requirements. In the same time we are also concerning for secondary process such as silk screening, metal & rubber works for future expansion, since from our feedback lots of customer required us to produce a device wholly rather than plastic parts only. For example, our blowing machine and tooling workshop is an example, to complete the whole product. In this time being, we are concentrating our effort in Engineering Industrial, Automotive and Electronics parts to broaden our services. While we evolve with the changing of times, our commitment to provide cost-competitive engineering & production solutions with strict quality standards shall always remain unchanged.